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Ministry of Finance seeks 10.6 Billion Condonation

By Shingirai Vambe

Harare- Parliamentary portfolio committee of Public Account (PAC) has refused to accept the condonation request of 10.6 Billion United States dollars by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development on Adjustment bill.

The Ministry of Finance though late in their submition of financials before Parliament, were asking for condonation.
Committee Chairperson, Tendai Biti, asked the team from the ministry, Edwin Zvandasara, Percy Takavarasa, Pfungwa Kunaka and Fidelis Ngorora last week Friday on how they expected to be condoned of financials for 2015-2018.

Biti said the condonation lacked detailed explanation of how the money was used and over used.

“Mr Kunaka, you just brought figures before us and we don’t know what you used all this money on, you need to give us explanation on why you are asking parliament to forgive you for late submission of your bill” Biti said.

The committee however urged the team from the Ministry of finance to seek legal advice while Parliament also approached its council on how they were to deal with the situation.

PAC is of the opinion that the Ministry of Finance is hiding behind figures and did not want to be audited yet the Auditor General had already produced a report showing large sums of money which were not accounted for by Government.

Biti further highlighted on the process of application for condonation which has a stipulated time, guided by the constitution, section 305, 307 and 390 on unauthorised expenditure.

“If this is difficult to understand for persons like us here in Parliament, what of our old mothers and father in Dotito, you can’t run a ministry on apologies” added Biti.

Kambuzuma legislator, Willas Madzimure argued how they would accept the bill with untested figures which were omitted.
“Recently we heard about the 10 million which is said former police commissioner was getting, how do we know if that money is not part of this bill?”

According to the law, section 307 is clear on the granting of condonation after spending money without the parliament of Zimbabwe knowing while section 305 (5) state the need for the appropriation and supplementary budget before writing off or accepting a condonation.

Chegutu Member of Parliament, Dexter Nduna however suggested that the Ministry of Finance submit all the required information to Parliament for testing before the Auditor General does her job.

Kunaka told committee members that he wanted to present the bill with the support of a ministerial statement and it was quickly shot down and they were told to bring necessary and adequate information before the committee on June 6 2020.

Madzimure told the ministry of finance team that it was only for transparency and accountability sake,and that figures alone would not help.