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Chivaraidze Hit Maker, Liversy Matamba Is Back

By Stephen Ephraem.

LIVERSY Matamba and Chivaraidze Express became a household name in the music circles after his hit song; Hazvina Mhosva rocked Zimbabwe in the first decade of the 2000s.

The fifty year old Liversy has released a six track album which was produced by ace sound engineer, Norman Tapambwa, titled Ndozvireva comprising of Rudo Harumanikidzwe, Marwisa, Manga musingazive, Rongekai, Kuitiswa and Vana Gumi.

This writer fell in love with Vana Gumi which is the voice of a mother who laments after her ten children failed to show her love despite that she had struggled to raise them well after the death of their father.

While the hit song Rudo Harumanikidzwe, urges people to shun gender based violence (GBV) if love no longer prevails, Kuitiswa warns people to be analytic of advice to avoid a down fall from wrong counsel.

Post On Sunday visited Matamba at his house in Highfields, Harare base recently where he took us through his musical journey.

Matamba said he was carrying the legacy of his uncle, Artwell Matamba of the Hurungwe Sounds fame who released hit after hit in 1980s that include Genesis 4 verse 4, Judas Iscariot, Takaziva, Mikirina, VeHurungwe and others.

“I was born at Katenhe in Hurungwe and started music while in primary school at Zengeza Primary School in St Mary’s, Chitungwiza before advancing to Mhizha Primary School in Highfields where I spent most my time playing soccer.

“I did my Form One and Two at Kutama College in Chinhoyi, Form Three and Four at Glen View High 2 in Harare. I became a full time musician after participating in a competition named Star Brite that was produced by former Zimbabwe television personalities John Phiri and Bunny Mpariwa”
He told this publication that the competition inspired him never to look back, and then went on to join the Zimbabwe Stars with then late Give Terera at Machipisa Night Club in Harare.

“In 1995 Kenny Chitsvatsva left the Bundu Boys and we formed Dove Band. As Dove Band, we recorded an album called Zvinoitika in 1996 that was produced by the late Raymond Makahamadze at RTP.

Matamba later formed another group, Chivaraidze Express in 1999 when problems arose in Yeukai Brothers in the year 2000, and released an album called Kurarama Kwedu which produced his all-time hit Hazvina Mhosva.