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Gweru City To Partner With Easy Park

By Tinaani Nyabereka.

Gweru- city council has announced its long term plans to partner with Harare based Easy Park Company to increase revenue collection, Midlands’s town Mayor Josiah Makombe has revealed.

Speaking during the State of the City Address (SoCA) last week, the Mayor said the partnership with the company with an automated parking system will see the local authority racking in a lot of cash than the current system which cannot be accounted for.

“Easy park will ensure that our parking system is automated, cutting off any loopholes in revenue collection.” added Makombe.

He further said the local authority was working towards the resuscitation of Go beer and the town’s aerodrome.

“We have the Aerodrome and quarry mines in the province hopping to resuscitate cash generating projects soon, these will surely help us to we collect enough revenue needed for our operations. ” he said.

However Gweru residents expressed concern over the local authority’s engagement with the Harare City Parking Company citing the decision as against the devolution agenda.

The local authority is said to have conducted a feasibility study for the project privately without the involvement of all the decision making members.

To that effect another shocking revelation after an internal audit at the council revealed that, several Point of Sale (PoS) machines which were in use were offloading funds into unknown bank accounts.

It is alleged the PoS machines could have been linked to council officials’ personal accounts, a move which demonstrated the depth of rot and corporate malfeasance.

8 employees in the parking division linked to the story have since been nabbed by municipality crack team and placed on a disciplinary hearing for fraud and corruption charges by the local authority.

This publiction however failed to gather information if the matter was reported to the police for further investigations.

Gweru Mayor Josiah Makombe vowed that his administration was not going to leave any stone unturned in fighting corruption.