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Vice president kembo mohadi

Zimbabwe VP Kembo Mohadi Tender His Resignation

By Tariro Kambeu

Vice president of the republic of Zimbabwe Hounarable Kembo. C. D. Mohadi has resigned to his post following the social media accusations of immorality which led to the turnishing of his image as a public figure.

In a press statement of his resignation letter released on the 1st of March 2021 VP Mohadi said he has become the victim of the dis – information which made him to resign with immediate effect to save the image of his government.

“following the recurring disinformation and virilisation of my alleged immoral unions, dispersed through awkward skactism l am stepping down as vice president of the republic of Zimbabwe in terms of section 96(2)of the constitution of Zimbabwe (No. 20)Act, 2013 with immediate effect”.

VP Mohadi said he is a victim of the false information that was published on social media blackmailing him
“l am a victim of information distortion, voice cloning, and sponsored spooking a political sabotage”.

He went on to say that he is stepping down to save the image of his government and also to get justice and clarification on the matter.

Mohadi also said he wanted some space to deal with his problems outside the presidential office, so that the presidential image may not be turnished by actions that linked to his challenges as an individual.

“It is my pleasure and privilege to leave the trust that you have bestowed upon me :l thank you for the tasks that l accomplished effectively and l ask for forgiveness for those tasks l failed to do well”.

His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa

Vice President Kembo Mohadi as being the first to step down in the history of Zimbabwe as his previous leaders were removed either by coup or illness, he wished President E. D Mnangangwa and the whole nation to rejoice in the hope and patience in tribulation against poverty, COVID-19, and vision 2030.

Post On Sunday contacted the presidential Spokesperson, George Charamba to confirm if the President has accepted the tendered resignation by the vice president, unfortunately he could not respond.

“The president will respond and confirm on his own, there is politburo metting tomorrow and he will probably respond to your question” Charamba said.

The politburo meeting to be held tomorrow will conclude either the vice president will be replaced or not and did the president accept his resignation.