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ZR Police Besiege Union Offices In Harare

By Shingirai Vambe.

Harare- Police in Harare besieged Commercial Workers Union offices in waterfalls following reports that there was an MDC meeting being held at the premises Friday evening, Post On Sunday reports.

Members who spoke to this publication confirmed the incident and said the report was made at Mbare Police station by another defunct group and 4 union members were detained at waterfalls police station.

“Yes I can confirm riot police laid siege at No 15 B, 6th street, Parktown waterfalls at around 8pm heavily armed and with dogs after a long day meeting. After dinner when members were retiring to sleep at the Union lodges that’s when we heard loud noise outside and knock at the door using baton sticks.

As they forcefully gained entry at a durawalled secured premises, 4 out of 22 members were arrested including our security personnel” he said.

Sources around the premises confirmed and told Post On Sunday that some of the members jumped the wall fleeing as the police were seen roaming and guarding the area yesterday afternoon.

The 4 arrested members were asked to pay fines for holding unsanctioned meetings under Covid.

The union member who went with the fine for the 4 detained members was also fined for flouting Covid regulations.
It is alleged that three dismissed members of the union, Gilbert Karikuimba, Cuthbet Chikwekwete and Michael Rupanga made the report which resulted to the attack following long time battles which were and ruled before the high court by Justice Benjamin Chikowero in 2019.

Commercial Workers Union member who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity thank their mother body, the Zimbabwe Congress for Trade Union (ZCTU) team for reaching out and assisting for the release of the 4 detained members.

In a communiqué written by ZCTU, it reads, “The ZCTU is aware of its affiliate’s challenges and it has always respected its affiliates and endeavour to assist when facing internal problems. In this regard we always discharge our obligation in line with the constitution and with constant dialogue with members”.

“We therefore regret to advise that, it is not possible for ZCTU to ignore or aid through complicity any abuse of workers or citizens by the police or any other state organ. We raised that alarm so that police does not continue to harass people at their premise”.