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Rukanda Loses Appeal

Recalled member

Benjamin Rukanda, a surrogate of the state used to illegally cause recall of MDC Alliance MPs in Parliament has once again lost his apeal case.

This means that if the Speaker of Parliament is to be fair and just, the recently recalled 6 MPs must be admitted back to Parliament.

It is common knowledge that Mudenda is a Zanupf politburo Member and obviously will await instructions from Party HQ before obliging with the court order.

Zimbabwe speaker of Parliament, Jacob Francis Mudenda. pic by Shingirai Vambe

The MDC Alliance refuses to celebrate piecemeal court victories that are donated at the instigation and influence of Zanupf, we damand an end to judiciary capture and percecution by procecution.

We demand release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience including Hon Joana Mamombe, Ciecilia Chimbiri, Makomborero Haruzivishe, Last Maengahama, Tatenda Madzoke, Obey Sithole and all others who continue to languishe in prison for their political beliefs.

We remain resolute and loyal to the leadership of President Adv Nelson Chamisa isa till victory is achieved.

Hon Chikwinya