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Chi 7 days


“Vari kungowawata ehh” the day most Zimbabweans are waiting for, yes not certain with the turn of events but the Zambian election has at this juncture given The Nelson Chamisa opposition MDC hope.


Mr Maplan they are not sure what really is his next move but surely something should be done. Stripped naked, left right and centre the opposition MDC appear embarrassed but not at all, it is more determined than ever.


What is happening in Zambia is shocking and seems like what old madhala would say, “Chavira chidoro che 7 days kana zvinin’ina zvacho vana chiparamazenge, chikwakubhii kana munzepete.”


Yes, Hichilema had time to plan, campaign and push for resources for the polling agents who are sending results to their command centres after counting and the great thing is the results are tallying with that of Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).


Yes, in 7 days we will be sure who the next president would be following allegations by the incumbent, Edgar Changwa Lungu, of rigging, intimidation and that his two supporters have been killed. That is a case for another day.

Zvagara kana mudzimu ukaramba kubuda mashoko anowanda. Hino Changwa mudzimu waramba kubuda asi ari iye akabata machira netsvimbo zvesvikiro. Kkkkkk.


But just for a second, is that possible with all the state machinery and resources to be rigged by an opposition party? The old madhala will tell you, hachisati chaibva, they know the real test of 7 days traditional brew.


The take-aways are always done after every event reaches the end but already from what is happening in Zambia, the ‘Register to Vote campaign’ is a big take away for Zimbabweans.


According to the report and sources on the ground 76% of Zambia had registered to vote, majority of them being youths and they were at every polling station waiting for the counting process, to make sure that hapazobudi mudzimu usiriwo.


In Africa you don’t go to toilet and leave your cup of 7 days unattended, vanokuisira nduru ye garwe ukafa wakanyenama iro rakacheka nyika. Bvunzai Sekuru vangu vaKwangwari vanokuudzai izvozvo.


What is usually the message, the beer has been well prepared (Chiri kunaka) and then? Village stories.


What is happening in this global village leaves a lot to be desired especially with African leaders who amongst them assist local and international communities to loot for personal gains. Zimbabwe just like any other Southern African country is rich with Gold & Diamond, Zambia has copper but nothing to show, they are poor countries in terms of infrastructure and development.


Foreigners continue to come and exploit Africa through labour, land and mines. They are then given by African leaders, yes, because they have cheap loans in their countries to invest in Africa, they get platinum, oil, gold, diamond to mention just a few because Zimbabwe has more than 50 minerals including timber.


As you know, every village has its issues, starting from the chief, headman, ana Sabhuku, macouncillors zvichidaro, they all want a share from the small cake at the expense of villagers. And ipapo zvimachinda zvedu zvakabva ku kung fu country zvinobva zvabudisa yakawanda kuti zvitore nyika.


With the growing population in Africa Zambia and Zimbabwe in particular formal employment has gone down to 20% most being private players running the economy that is  the reason why the young generation ask old madhala to go ku 7 days and watch the young and vibrant youths take leading roles in developing their countries.


Regardless of the result, Lungu said he is still making consultations with his party on the course of action to take after the full results announcement, we doubt he is going to do it the Zimbabwe path way. Ko iye aizotadza kurohwa sei naHH naivo macampaign manager ake ainge achiremerwa nehovhorosi dzegreen? Dzimwe hembe dzecampaign idzi dzinokupisai munyama!


The old madhala were shocked when political actors were given cars. It became the subject matter at the opaque beer drinking spree, opposition candidates in Zambia have conceded defeat with one of them, Nevers Mumba making a press statement and urging all losing candidates to do likewise to save time and start a new chapter with a new government.


Yes, it was there in the media circles, more political actors want to join the losing team in Zimbabwe you might get your Isuzu double cab, mablanko achiudza few madhara angaasara, as known by many 7 days takes you fast and you retire early for bed with a small 500mls container for hang over.


Chiregai ndimbotsvakawo hovhorosi yegreen yekupfeka ndichimbotsvaka kune chikwakubhii 7 days!!