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Post On Sunday

MANICALAND – 7 people perished in a road traffic accident in Honde Valley, near Hauna business centre in route to Harare.

The 7 who include women were identified as farmers going to sell their produce to Harare, Mbare Musika.

Farmers in this area have since asked the government to facilitate with resources so that they can add value to their produce to avoid traveling more than 300km to sell their goods.

Farmers in Manicaland mostly from this region produce Avocados, Bananas, sugar cane, sweet-potatoes, macadamia nuts, to mention just a few.

The haulage truck (Benz) is said to have been speeding and 13 people were on board, 8 who survived the accident are reportedly  in a critical condition and admitted at Mutare General Hospital.

For the past 48 hours the weather in Manicaland was not friendly to drivers especially down in Honde Valley where there was lots of fog and mist which is also a possible reason that led to the loss of lives.

People in Hauna confirmed the accident and told Post On Sunday that they were known local farmers who were on their routine schedule.

Farmers from Manicaland travel at night so that they get to Mbare musika early to sell their produce at wholesale whilst fresh.