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I Did Not Insult The President- Chinotimba

Staff Reporter

BUHERA South legislator, Joseph Chinotimba surprisingly steps into Parliament expecting members to shout, soon after visiting Zimbabwe President, Emmerson Mnangagwa at his offices yesterday.

Chinotimba expected MPs to respond and react to his alleged disposition from the District office in Manicaland over allegations of insulting the President.

There was no reaction whatsoever.

Chinotimba told this publication that he was not aware of the said situation in Murambinda.

Circulating on social media, party members from the province purportedly sent a message on Whatsapp platform to get into the bus and witness his removal from the party offices.

“Ask those people, i don’t know anything, neither do i have a comment,” said Chinotimba.

“Whoever is saying that maybe he is coming from the war zone Ukraine or any other place, maybe our neighboring country Mozambique.

I did not insult the President, he is the current leader i can only respond and report to,” added Chinotimba.

Allegations are that, the Buhera South legislator insulted the country’s President while addressing his supporters in his constituency, cited in a video again circulating on social media.

The allegation leveled against him, has previously seen many being arrested and charged in the country’s courts, and others booted out of their political parties for undermining the authority of the president.

Chinotimba left Parliament exactly 20 minutes after stepping in and said he will be following proceedings online from his hotel room.

As the country prepare for the 2023 General elections more factional issues and campaign gimmicks are likely to surface as individuals eye to get Council and Parliamentary seat.

Sitting Legislators and Councillors told Post On Sunday Newspaper that 2023 elections will be tough considering the harsh economic environment with aspiring candidates waiting and preparing for primaries before they are elected to participate in the harmonized elections.