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Will Continue To Help The Needy-Tekeshe

By Shingirai Vambe

Former Makoni Central legislator, David Tekeshe confirmed numerous calls still trickling in from people in Makoni District of Rusape in need of his helping hand and assistance.

Tekeshe told the Post On Sunday Newspaper that voting him out was a blessing, counting it all joy as he focus more on his businesses which he was now giving little time due to commitments in Parliament.

“Someone called last week asking for help to buy his medication, i told him to call the new Member of Parliament, Patrick Sagandira,” Tekeshe said.

The individual, (name withheld) called Sagandira and was told he had just got into Parliament and he had nothing to offer at that particular time. effort to get a comment from Sagandira were fruitless as his mobile phone was not reachable by time of going to publish.

while Sagandira got over 9000 votes, Tekeshe got 1700 votes mostly from those who believed in him as a helping person of Makoni, who participated and contributed in almost all the constituency funerals, helped the need and homeless individuals of Rusape  and countlessly approached the office of the social welfare seeking assistance and answers on their responsibilities.

On his way to Kanyere’s burial in Honde valley, one of the victims of the recent accident that claimed 3 lives in Rusape, Tekeshe passed through another victim of political violence in Temaruru, Rusape, who had his house razed down by fire in a politically motivated attack. Tekeshe offered to rebuild the house and support the family with cash to replace their lost goods.

Yesterday September 26 2023, Tekeshe made a surprise visit to the old people’s home in Rusape, where he went to deliver various portions of meat and other goodies, they were happy to see him after  a while of not visiting them. Tekeshe religiously visit the home with food stuff for their upkeep.

He told the Post On Sunday Newspaper that he will continue to help those in need, “Its in  my DNA” Tekeshe said.