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Cuban Ambassador Hails Media For Coverage Of Palestinian Crisis

By Sharleen Mohammed

The Cuban Ambassador to Zimbabwe has praised the media for their coverage of the ongoing crisis in Palestine, highlighting the crucial role that journalists play in bringing attention to human rights violations.

Ambassador Yenielys Vilma Regueiferos Linares acknowledge that media coverage of the ongoing conflict has been crucial in raising global awareness and amplifying the voices of those affected.

Speaking at a recent press conference in Harare, Ambassador Linares emphasized that media coverage is key to keeping the World informed about the urgent need for an end to the bombings in Gaza Strip and to prevent future violence.

“We would like to thank the media for covering the bombings against the people of Palestine in Gaza ensuring that the World does not turn a blind eye to the plight of the Palestinians,” said Ambassador Linares.

She highlighted the vital role of journalists in bringing attention to the violence being committed in Gaza, and need for continued coverage to keep the issue at the forefront of the international community’s attention.

Speaking at the same event, Ambassador of Palestine to Zimbabwe, His Excellency Tamar Almassri hailed Cuba for her continuous support in denouncing the attacks against the people of Palestine in the Gaza Strip.

“Today we have the support of our sister county Cuba because what is happening to the people of Palestine is illegal,” said Ambassador Almassri.

Cuban revolutionary government has consistently supported the Palestinian national liberation struggle since 1959