Councillor Calls DDC And Town Secretary to Order

By Shingira Vambe

Rusape District Development Coordinator , Edward Mashindi is reportedly interfering in council business affecting decision making processes at the local authority an official has said.

Ward 10 Councillor, Peter Clever Kwesha (MDC) who raised a point of order in Council chambers revealed that the DDC attends committee meetings in contravention of section 101 of the Urban Councils Act.

Mashindi will reportedly be representing Town Secretary Solomon Gabaza in the meetings.

“Mashindi has been attending to committee meetings at council as well as contributing to issues, believed to be on behalf of Gabaza, which has created tension between council and residents,”Kwesha told Post on Sunday.

“After raising this very serious matter before the house it was unfortunate that Councillor Munyaradzi Chigwede who happens to be the finance chair decided to disregard the motion and asked if we could proceed on other important businesses of the day”

Kwesha said the DDC has been attending and contributing in the finance and human resource committee in which the entire management had recused themselves as they had a direct interest.

Kwesha told Post On Sunday that part (6), section 87 and 96 of the Act are very clear on the standing rules and order of how council business particularly committees are supposed to be conducted.

Section 101 (6) reads, “No meeting of a committee may invite representatives of any authority or board concerned with local government functions to attend meetings of the committee as observers.”

After putting it to motion, Mashindi responded and said he was not an ex-officio but a member who had every right to be actively deliberating in the committees, while Gabaza on the other hand would be reportedly interjecting as he sees fit as if he was the chairperson.

“ I would like to register my unequivocal despair of the manner in which the council business and deliberations are being conducted” Kwesha said.

He further highlighted that the TS’s behaviour of interjecting and interfering when other members are making presentations and again not through their respective chairpersons, was disrespectful.

“Let’s not allow ourselves to be viewed and treated lumpenploteriates, Hoi Opollos, knowing that the house was not a canaille,” he urged councillors.

Mashindi and Gabaza both did not respond to questions sent to the on WhatsApp regarding the matter.

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