Kariba Earmarked for A Massive Tree-Planting Exercise

-KPA Deepens Ties with #KeepBulawayoClean-

By Laiton Kandawire in Kariba

The founder of the phenomenal #KeepBulawayoClean campaign arrives in Kariba this weekend on a very veritable mission – a massive tree-planting exercise.

Tonderai Shoko who is turning 36 this year, has decided to move with his campaign on a date which coincides with his birthday celebrations.

On the 950th day of his campaign, Shoko and his entourage, which included the vibrant Do It For The Kids team, arrived in Kariba to lead a hugely successful clean-up campaign attended by the town’s top executive, including Mayor George Masendu.

Kariba has developed a photocopy campaign codenamed “KeepKariba Clean” which has continuously kept a hawk eye on litter management in its backyard.

The blossoming relationship between the two organizations has resulted in underprivileged student, Ruvimbo Chiripinda, a student at Nyanhehwe Primary School, getting a full scholarship for her role in the Nyanhehwe Primary School Environment Club.

Ruvimbo received fees for the whole year, uniforms, books and other school requirements. The items were handed over on  January 10 2020.

The #KeepBulawayoClean campaign secured a long-term anonymous donor and, through the KPA, identified a deserving Kariba student.

Speaking to this reporter prior to leaving Bulawayo, Shoko says his national vision is “to see a clean green environment”.

Kariba stakeholders and city fathers are expected to take this visit as both celebratory and groundbreaking. Kariba has no known tree-planting campaign and the Kariba Publicity Association has been commended by residents for taking the lead in this regard.

Coming so soon after the launch of the trendsetting Kariba Destination Marketing Video and the interest it has created in the market, this appears to be a good omen for Kariba.

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