The 21 Day Journey Begins

By Shingirai Vambe.

Rusape – Yesterday 30 March 2020, marked the first day of the 21 day lockdown, to curb the spread of the novel Corona-virus, COVID 19 pandemic which has killed many around the globe.

In Rusape, people continue to move around while others are still trying to find transport to their rural homes, as the lockdown started soon after schools were closed.

While main business came to a stand still following President Mnangagwa’s call, around the communities it is business as usual, having some bottle stores selling beer from the back door.

Most countries around the world are on national lockdown to reduce the number of cases as the virus is said to be spreading too fast because of social distance and the people of Zimbabwe have been urged to stay at home and avoid the usual human contact.

Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Monica Mutsvangwa, has urged Zimbabweans to stay home and self-isolate for three weeks as declared the President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

While treasury has availed ZW 500 million in fighting COVID-19, Zimbabweans across the country fear they will starve in their homes during this lockdown, hence the reason of selling their perishable products within their communities.

It has been noted by World Health Organisation (WHO) that the spread, besides being a hygienic factor, COVID-19 is an air-bone disease and spread through various means in the air, hence the call for a 21 days Lockdown in Zimbabwe and other countries around the world.

A handful of people who were seen on Monday at Mabvazuva Shopping centre around 20:00pm apart from looking for food they were drinking beer, turning a deaf ear to the call and the effects of this deadly pandemic, COVID-19.

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