Ensure Accountability Mechanisms-Gvt Urged

By Tinaani Nyabereka.

Gweru – Government has been urged to put into action accountability and transparency mechanisms for the Covid 19 public funds and donations which are coming in from various coporates and stakeholders.

The donations are in various forms which include cash , hand sanitizers, face masks, and foodstuffs among others.

Under efforts to boost the fight against the pandemic, some of the funds have since been channelled towards the procurement of adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for frontline workers as the number of positive cases is increasing daily.

Speaking to Post on Sunday during an interview, Nkabazwe Community Radio Programs Officer and Human Rights Defender, Takaedza Tafirei added that all Members of Parliament (MPs) were supposed to be incoporated into the Districts and Provincial Covid 19 taskforce teams as they were the representatives of people.

“There is need to incorporate Members of Parliament into the Covid 19 taskforces as they have a bigger role to play in their communities and constituencies. As representatives of communities they understand areas which lag behind in terms of health support ,food aid among other issues in their various constituencies.

” More so lets have transparency and accountability mechanisms for all the donations which are being channelled towards Covid 19 pandemic.

“As the public we also need to know how the funds are working and whether they are reaching the intended beneficiaries who were affected as well.” said Tafirei.

He further commended African countries for taking huge steps in curbing the rapid spread of Covid 19.

” The implemention of a level 5 lockdown by most African countries was crucial in fighting the pandemic and protecting the citizens. I therefore commend our African leaders starting from our African Union Chairperson, President Cyril Ramaphosa and all the statesmen for the swift response they took to minimize and stabilize our region up to date.

“However many funds are being channelled to Africa as aid to help us acquire necessary equipment to contain the disease. On that aspect my advise to our governments is lets not take this crisis as an opportunity to borrow funds irreponsibly as it burdens us.

“African countries we have a bad record particularly on borrowing debts we cannot repay. This becomes a challenge to generations to come as they will live with that debt, so lets be alert on some of these loans we are being offered in times of such a crisis.” he added.

Tafirei also emphasized the need for roburst information dissemination on Covid 19 saying the rural populace was still unaware and misinformed

“People are still reluctant especially looking at how the virus came about or how it is spread. we need to continue with robust information dissemination especially to the rural community.

“knowledge is power and if we educate people daily we can achieve results. More so it good for youth to take an active part in looking for ways to help reach out the affected groups.” said Tafirei.

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