China Beware

By Dr Raymond Chamba

Very very soon and quite soon it will be open season on the rich plains, valleys and mountains of Africa on any Chinese persons. There shall be no safe place, sanctuary and welcome for the Han in the wide and verdant hinterlands of Africa.

What is happening to Africans in China can only invite and indeed trigger a most apocalyptic meeting of wills between the Chinese and locals across the Motherland. May authorities across both polities take heed. This can’t go unpunished.

This will be a fight with only one winner, and one result alone….the massive expulsion of Chinese from Africa like the scourge they shall be seen and taken as. The political grass of Africa is quite dry and will give expression to an unguided conflagration the likes of which the world has never witnessed.

It is contemptible, and quite dangerous for the Chinese government and people to mistake our welcome for weakness. Theirs is money and presence we can gladly do without and if it comes down to it the African sun shall soon burn and scotch under the feet of arivistes on the sacred soul of yore.

Those with ears to hear must hear and those with big or small eyes to see must do so. The new African will not tolerate nonsense from big or small people in equal measure. Our dogs, cats, snakes and all animals will join this fight…

Dont start what you cant finish under the rich heavens of the blue skies of Africa. Our people’s patience is running short and anger building like the rolling clouds and lightning claps of the great black summer.

I hear thunder. I see blood on our streets of Africa, Chinese guts in the gulleys of our mining prospects if the mistreatment of Africans is soon not brought to check. We have far more Chinese in Africa than Africans in China. You will be repaid at dollar for ten in retributional mathematics..

Don’t mess with Africa. It’s far bigger than Texas. One needs not be Spike Lee, to Do the Right Thing. This must stop, before the angry youths of Africa are forced to finish it….

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