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Headlands Welcome Substantive Chief Chipunza- First Appearance.

By Shingirai Vambe

Born Fungai Mukonyora, installed the 13th Chief in 1991 in Rusape, Makoni District, Chief Chipunza died in Aug 2023 and after his death, his son, Clever Mukonyora was installed the substantive chief for the next 2 years.

Chief Chipunza. Clever Mukonyora was Installed as Substantive Chief Chipunza of the Mhina Clan in accordance to the law when the sitting Chief dies or is removed, only by the President.

The Mhina clan, under the leadership of Chief Chipunza in Makoni District’s Headlands, recently welcomed their new substantive Chief.

On May 1, 2024, over 500 people gathered to welcome Chief Clever Mukonyora in Headlands. The event, initially planned for Halfway House, was relocated to the homestead of former legislator and member of the Chiefs’ council, Christopher Chingosho, due to the boundary infights against Chief Makoni (Cogan Gwasira).

Chief Chiduku, pictured during the welcome ceremony. By Shingirai Vambe

Chief Chiduku praised the Chipunza family for their swift decision to relocate the event, acknowledging the importance of hosting such a significant cultural and spiritual gathering at the Chief’s residence. The ceremony proceeded successfully at Chingosho’s homestead, with Chief Mangwende in attendance.

Hon Chingosho told this publication that earlier, Chief Makoni and his emissaries disrupted another event before, this is despite the fact that it was not within his jurisdiction.

Chingosho shared that the long-standing dispute over boundaries with the four Chiefs of Makoni, Chief Chikore, Chief Chipunza, Chief Chiduku and Chief Tandi, against Chief Makoni (Cogan Gwasira), is nearing resolution. The Chiefs have approached President Emmerson Mnangagwa to intervene and bring order to the district.

As the new Chief, Clever Mukonyora, 82, will oversee 15 headmen, 354 Village Heads, and 9 wards. The community expects him to be fair, impartial, and apolitical in his leadership. The installation ceremony will be replicated in all 9 wards, allowing the people to meet their new Chief and fostering unity and stability in the region.