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Kariba Publicity Association Revives Kept Secret.

By Tafadzwa Mpofu

Kariba Publicity Association (KPA) launched a destination marketing video yesterday (Thursday) at Kariba Airport to revive Kariba as a tourist destination.

The event hosted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) and was graced by different stakeholders in the tourism industry in Kariba including Municipality of Kariba, Tamarind Lodges, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority, Mystic Travel and Tours among others.

The campaign video , themed “Kariba – Zimbabwe’s Best Kept Secret” seeks to reinforce Kariba’s position as a must-visit Zimbabwe destination, and mainly focuses on aspects that attract tourists and investors to Kariba.

The video is a development in the efforts by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) and their parent Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality industries to aweken the tourism sleeping giant, Kariba.

KPA’s Secretary General Mr John Chirinda described Kariba’s tourism fortunes to had taken a battering from a myriad of problem-issues, but serious efforts were now being made to revive this gem of a tourist destination.

“The launch takes place at a time when the state of tourism has deteriorated in our resort town of Kariba and need everyone’s effort to in reviving the town.

“Its is therefore my hope the launch will position Kariba as a destination of first choice for both domestic and international tourists.

“KPA has managed to produce a step towards achieving a transformed resort town and we all hope to achieve its vision of making Kariba the ultimate tourist destination,”said Chirinda.