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Sikhala remanded in Custody

By Passmore Makore

Harare- Arrested Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC A) deputy chairperson, Job Sikhala was remanded in custody to Monday after the state argued that he was inciting people to be violent.

Sikhala who was taken to court early today only appeared before magistrate Lanzini Ncube around 1500hrs when prosecutors found out that court papers were not properly done.

Arrested and released before court session, Sikhala’s lawyer Jeremiah Bhamu told Post On Sunday that ” prosecutors were not satisfied with the way in which the papers had been prepared by the police and worked on them to their satisfaction” and sikhala was represented by Advocate Eric Matinenga.


Bhamu further highlighted that they are not convinced that the arrest is justified which is the reason why they are challenging it before court.

Matinenga argued with prosecutors and told the court that this was not a fishing game, its obvious that this is a political matter and sikhala must be treated as a politician.

“These people must be with their families, if the state is not able to prove that there is an offense that was committed” added Matinenga.

Magistrate Ncube however said the ruling on the challenge against his placement on remand to be made on Monday.