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Journalists Implored To Demystify Insurance & Pensions Myths

Staff Reporter

Friday evening was a blissful evening for journalists from different news outlets in Zimbabwe who covered insurance and pension-related topics in 2023.

Among the winners were journalists who participated in the 2023 Journalists Mentorship Programme, spearheaded by the Insurance and Pensions Commission (IPEC) and the National Social Security Authority (NSSA).

The 2023 mentorship program trained a total of 35 journalists, 14 of them being from other parts of the country not Harare, a target by IPEC and NSSA to reach all parts of the country, though none of the articles was written or produced in other 16 official languages, a cause for concern for the Commission in trying to inform and educate every citizen in the breath and depth of the country.

IPEC Commissioner, Grace Muradzikwa told guests at a local hotel in Harare that 26 journalists from 22 media organizations submitted 94 articles compared to last program where 16 journalists representing 14 media outlets submitted 62 articles, which is a positive testament to the impact of the mentorship program and awards.

“The Annual Journalists Mentorship Programme, in collaboration with NSSA, has been instrumental in demystifying myths and enhancing coverage quality which we have seen improving because of the training that those on the programme undergo,” said Muradzikwa.

IPEC Commissioner, Grace Muradzikwa

She further highlighted that the Commission is proud to support and recognize the important role that journalists play in informing the public about the importance of insurance and pensions. Through their reporting, journalists help raise awareness about the benefits of these financial products and services, as well as the risk of not having adequate coverage.

The media has also managed to bring lots of issues regarding the sector that IPEC has addressed so as to bring harmony between citizens and insurance and pensions companies. The institutions have developed systems, digital platforms, mobile out-lets and enhanced their existing coverage to address challenges and disputes that arise daily across the country.

Winning journalists walked away with prize money and accolades from different sponsors such as CBZ Risk Advisory Services, Moonlight Funeral Service, Nyaradzo Group, Cell Insurance, ZB Financial Holdings, to mention just a few.

The guest of honor, IPEC board Chairperson, Albert Nduna said the Insurance and Pension matters that journalists explore, and the debates they ignite, contribute significantly to shaping public discourse, influencing policy, driving positive change, and ultimately sustainable development.

2024 Insurance and Pensions award winning journalists posing for a photo at a a local hotel in Harare

“It is all about bringing positive change by not only highlighting problems but also identifying g and promoting solutions, in such realistic case of the effect of climate change on agriculture, smallholder farmers who rely on the rains, it is paramount important that journalists not only shine a spotlight on devastation but educate the public about the importance of insurance in mitigating climate-related risks. That will surely serve as a catalyst for transformation,” added Nduna.

The programme will be continuing again this year with more journalists expected to participate on a date to be advised, covering all identified gaps and places in the country.

The Insurance and Pensions Industry plays a critical role and providing security and financial protection, promoting long-term savings and investment, and supporting overall economic stability and growth through financial literacy, education on mitigating the effects of risk and avoiding old age poverty.