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Muswere In Panic Mode, Going After Ruwona

Staff Reporter

Rusape- Based Minister of Information, Media and broadcasting Services, Jenfan Muswere has reportedly entered into a panic mode following continuos engagements between Moses Ruwona and the Constituency.

Ruwona contested in the ZANU PF Makoni West primaries and won the race  to the 2023 general elections. Regardless of his victory, the results were overturned in favour of Muswere who was the sitting MP and Minister of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

The constituency positively responded to Ruwona but all his efforts were in vain as he could not fairly campaign, contribute and distribute goods to the need. Building material he bought for Toriro Clinic, led to the dismisal of the nurse-in-charge and return of the goods.

On April 2024, Ruwona organised to celebrate Independence Day in his home area of Makoni West and discourage youth involvement in drug abuse through a sporting event, which did not start as it ended in a feec fight with hired thugs tresspassing Ruwona’s property, demanding to take him to undisclosed place and meet with Muswere.

According to the statement written to the ZANU PF Provincial Party offices, Ruwona took the keys of the Toyota Land cruiser which the hired thugs were using and was parked in his yard. one of the handlers called Muswere who threatened Ruwona over the phone, which prompted the calling of the police.

The letter reads: “Six men identified as Mind Nyamande, Joseph, Punungwe, Majamanda, Kevin Chare and Donny approached me while we were still at the local shop and told me that hosting sports while there is a sitting MP was disrespectful and that the MP had instructed them to take me to an undisclosed place where he was waiting”.

“After about 2km, I decided to drive to my home for safety. Upon arriving home, a white Toyota Land Cruiser reg AGE 1493 came and parked on my house veranda, thereby destroying some floor tiles. The Land Cruiser was being driven by Macdonald, with Joseph in the passenger seat. At the back, there were about ten drunk men singing and shouting obscenities,” said Ruwona.

Muswere allegedly sent  Mutonho and James Shambare, working at President’s Office in Rusape to bar Ruwona from hosting and coordinating the sporting event, as they mentioned that the sitting MP, Muswere, was not pleased with the event taking place. Despite attempts to explain that the event was non-political and aimed at benefiting the community, they insisted that they should halt the proceedings.

Ruwona decided to donate the balls and gave participants transport money, while the hired thugs removed and vandalised soccer and netball posts.

ZANU PF member who spoke to this publication, name withheld said they didn’t like Muswere because of his pomposity and pride and they loved Ruwona not only his benevolence but he is always with them and supporting their village programmes.

Earlier Ruwona told the Post that he was still young and has the opportunity to contest in 2028 after facing challenges during the previous election period. His name was removed and he was later brought back into the race, he got arrested on charges he claim were fabricated and was released. he said there is still chance and light at the end of the tunnel.