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Only 1 Institution Treating Cancer In Zimbabwe

By Shingirai Vambe

Harare- Health delivery system continue to deteriorate in Zimbabwe with major facilities, where everyone can afford, are failing to provide adequate services to citizens due to challenges and continuous economic melt-down and corruption.

The public service is over burdened, while receiving paltry salaries, they’re forced to work and attend to country men in need of their services, a move which has created a shaky ground for both the service provider and those in need of services.

Just like any ministry and department, with reports also indicating that there is a mass exodus at the Zimbabwe republic Police, majority have started their own security companies, while others have left the country and majority from the security sector reportedly committing serious crimes in and out of the country.

Majority of doctors have resorted in opening their surgeries and hospitals, where they are offering same or better services than in public institutions. the mushrooming of private hospitals and surgeries came as a great initiative in saving lives, however, only those who can afford can get or receive treatment in these private hospitals.

The Private Healthcare Association of Zimbabwe is pushing and urging private health care players to regularise and operate within the borders of the law.

The recent tour by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health at Parirenyatwa Group of hospitals, has deliberately exposed the state of the health delivery system in the Southern African country, as the cancer treatment centre is not working because they need USD $600.00 and some of the equipment being malfunctioning for over a decade.

Responding to the Committee Chairperson, Hon Daniel F. Molokele, the acting Chief Executive Officer Tsitsi Magure said, the is serious shortage of specialists at the Group of Hospitals, 368 in total, among them, pathologists and oncologists.

“There is a mass exodus of specialists and trained specialists in Zimbabwe, due to poor working conditions and wages” she added.

This has left Oncore Care Zimbabwe with a huge task of screening, imaging and treating cancer in Zimbabwe. Oncore Care is the only institution currently providing services which are cancer related and at an affordable rate.

One Patient, name withheld told the Post On Sunday that she got her treatment at Oncore care and they are treating patients from all the 4 corners of the country, with their services doted in Harare and other provinces, offering best service so far.