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Mr P’s Muramba Doro Tops DHT Africa FM’s Top 20 Charts

By Ronnie Chisamba

South Africa -based Zimbabwean Afro-jazz artiste Precious Hanya’s – aka Mr P – track Muramba Doro is currently number 1 on DHT Africa FM’s Top 20 Charts.Presented by Dj Doctor every Tuesday midnight.

The show is one of the online radio station’s programs and has listeners all over the world.

Muramba Doro highlights the ills of abusing alcohol. It is one of the 6 tracks on Mr P’s second album, titled The Return.Released on 8 July, the album has recorded successes for the 38-year -old Chitungwiza born musician.Currently riding on the waves of stardom, he recently scored a historic first when he released the first animated musical video in Zimbabwe. The video was for Cell phone ,another track on Mr P’s second album.

Contacted for a comment on the success of Muramba Doro  Mr P expressed gratitude to his legions of fans.

” lam grateful for the support the listeners have given me . The musical journey is worthless without encouragement and support from the people. Such achievements motivate me to continue working hard.”

DHT Africa FM was established in South Africa in May this year.

The radio station which is holed in Johannesburg and Durban , has the mandate of uplifting and showcase Zimbabwean musical talents.

“The idea is to promote upcoming and fledged artistes especially those based outside Zimbabwe : musicians who might not have their products played on Zimbabwe’s local radio stations ,” said DJ Doctor.

The online radio station’s programs  are available on it Facebook page , Anchor and YouTube. For the top 20 charts listeners  place their votes through social media platforms.