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Christmas Epistle to Friends and Relatives :

In His Own Capacity, Opinion piece

By Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala

2020 has been a difficult year all round throughout the world because of the pandemic that came with devastating consequences to the livelihoods of mankind. Those who pulled through is not through their wiseness but by grace of the Lord.

In Zimbabwe ngoma ndiyo ndiyo. The suffering is with us. Looting of the national resources by Mnangagwa’s cabal and elements in the ruling elite escalated to the point of openly moving into the national airport with a huge consignment of gold bullions. Throttling of the democratic space became unprecedented. Human rights abuses intensified.

We witnessed unprecedented abductions in the history of mankind. Torture of the opponents of the regime became a national outcry. Arrests of political opponents became, the political weapon against the weak in our society. The weaponisation of the law against some of us hardened our resolve for a free society.

On 3rd of February 2020 I appeared for Treason trial in the city of Masvingo before Justice Garainesu Mawadze. My legal Team led by Beatrice Mtetwa of Blessing Nyamaropa, Jeremiah Bamu and Tinomudai Shoko fought like raging lions for justice to prevail. Thousands of Zimbabweans came in support. It was so heart warming that the people of Zimbabwe demonstrated their full support for their freedom. I was acquitted on the 14th of February and the city of Masvingo came to a standstill in celebrations. Thank you Zimbabwe once again.

My acquittal did not bring peace to my person. Strange things started to happen. Mnangagwa’s agents of sadism started to trail me wherever I was going. I informed all those who cared about my health that my life was in danger. I wrote to the Speaker of Parliament Advocate Jacob Mudenda, informing him about weird and strangers who were following me wherever I was. I informed several Pastors, Apostles and Bishops about this. My friends in the international community were also informed. I kept them monitored wherever I was going by my security personnel. Luck was on my side as some in the system who were not happy with the plot to kill me came forward with red alert information. Thank you guys. Your love is great and unimaginable. Everything came to pass as advised.

My mind went ballistic the day I went to Court in Marondera. I was never ever agitated like the day in question. After my Court attendance, black window tinted Toyota Land Cruiser cruised behind me. After noticing it I branched off into Wedza Turnoff just from Marondera. We agreed to park by the roadside under the tree. The Land Cruiser made a sudden u-turn by the railway line and came back roaring and turned into Wedza Turnoff. It must have been cruising around 180 or more kilometers per hour.

It only realised we did not go far and pass us in a speed of a bullet. We drove back to Marondera and allowed the mad cows to chase wind. I phoned one friend of mine and got into her car and drove me to Harare.

This is the day I resolved to confront these evil men and women. I could not take this abuse and threat to my life lightly. Threats should be to some limit. Then Jacob Ngarivhume approached me for a coordinated citizen confrontation against the system on corruption. We agreed that we incorporate issues to the hearts of many as well, that is human rights abuses such as torture, abductions and arbitrary arrests of political opponents of Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The ball started rolling. Several times we met at a church in Mt Pleasant which I will not mention for security reasons giving each others roles for the 31st of July.

The regime wanted it aborted through the arrest of myself, Jacob and Hopewell Chin’ono before the day. I knew this in advance. I informed Jacob Ngarivhume several times that they want to nab us and showed him messages I was receiving from my informants. They were trailing Jacob, myself and Hopewell and I advised them that our security conscience must be extremely high. When we were trailed from Mt. Pleasant to Newlands, Jacob realised that truly our security situation was extremely at danger. We agreed that we will never relent.

When the call came on the 20th of July early in the morning preparing to go to work, whilst bathing I saw the caller and knew that the situation was dangerous. Was told to immediately leave my house as the FERRET was on its way to my house, Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume’s place. I jumped out of the bathroom, asked my wife to throw clothes into my car and in my boxer shorts got into the car and there in the bush I went. I went to my rural home knowing well that no one will find me. I continued to make sure that 31st of July was not aborted.

When I phoned Hopewell that he must move out as I am informed that the FERRET was on its way to abduct him together with Jacob and that I have dispersed from home, he answered me in the low voice and told me that his house was already surrounded. I asked him to make noise as their mission was abduction and not arresting. He said Beatrice Mtetwa was on her way to his house. Had it not been of Beatrice Mtetwa’s swift reaction the mission was abominable.

When I get hold of Jacob he told me that he was praying by himself in the AFM Church next to his house. By the time he finished to say he was praying, I heard him screaming, “why are you doing this to me? Why are you doing this? Are you not ashamed to arrest me for exposing corruption?”. I did cut off my phone knowing Mnangagwa’s agents arrived before the alert in time.

When the entire CIO counter intelligence department and different FERRET Teams were deployed to search for me everywhere in the country I was just in the village. I came to Tywald the week I was arrested. I had only 9 days at the house.

This is the saddest year and saddest Christmas of all. But never forget that Zimbabwe paradotis. We all deserve good Christmas and Happy New Year. No one owns or have title Deeds for this country. It belongs to all of us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all . 2021 is the year I am looking up to