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Mambo Guramatunhu Pens Poem On COVID-19 Deaths

By Martha Leboho

A Multi-Award winning poet Ngoni Paradza known as Mambo Guramatunhu has penned a Covid 19 following the death of his friend who succumbed to Covid.

In an audio poem which is a minute and ten seconds long, the poet who flows in Karanga dialect urges citizens to love each other and cherish each other whilst you still have time.

“After being terrified by the passing on of my closer friend, i ended up speaking this poem, let’s take precaution measures, COVID-19 is real, it does not choose the poor, the rich, the young or older” he said.

The poet prays for a longer life to everyone and pleads with God for more life through people’s good deeds.

Mambo Guramatunhu urges citizens to love each other today because no one is sure of tomorrow because of the Covid pandemic.

“Love each other, talk to each other, forgive each other, respect each other today because no one knows about tomorrow, maybe there will be no one to answer your call” said Mambo Guramatunhu.

“Mask up, sanitize, maintain social distance and stay at home, COVID-19 is real and if we don’t take precaution measures we will perish” he said.