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A Day With Nomore Musundire

Former Premier Soccer League and FIFA referee

By Tafadzwa Mpofu

QN: Tell us about who Nomore Musundire is?

NM : Well, he is an ex PSL and FIFA referee, born on the 25th of August 1979

QN :Which schools did you attend?

NM:Daramombe mission primary school in Chikomba district, Mukwasi Adventist high school in Dorowa Manicaland

QN:How did it all started for you to be a referee?

NM:Well, it all started as a challenge but then later loved it

QN:Tell us more.. Who inspired you??

NM:To begin with, it was Batsirai Muchenje, an ex ref now, we used to meet in a gym at NSS, so after sharing some info that’s when I decided to take it up

QN:After High School did you even thought about being a Referee? Or any other sportsperson?

NM:Sportsman yes, actually from school I was a marathon runner, then went into cycling in Bulawayo with Matebeland cycling club, before moving to harare

QN:When did you start Refereeing?

NM:I qualified in 2006 but started officiating in 2007, In the zifa Harare province

QN:Any outstanding game you feel you were off form and your best match

NM:Well, performance is never consistent but I don’t have a match that I performed under par,

Best matches are quite a number to remember but one between FC platinum and Highlanders ranks top on my score chart

QN:What inspired your decision to call it quits at a time we thought you were on top of your game?

NM:It was a difficult decision but family had to come first than anything else

QN:Your take on female referees in the PSL?

NM:Given the approach FIFA has taken on gender equality, I feel it’s a good move

QN:By your estimate, are refereeing standards improving or declining?

NM:Honestly I feel referees are trying to keep standards high, even under difficult circumstances, remember everything in football is evolving, so it’s difficult to compare past and present referees

QN:Do you think you are missing the Referees Association which used to represent you in Zifa Assembly

NM:Obviously I do miss them coz they have been an amazing group of people I have worked with

QN:have there been anytime you were asked to throw a match and how did you feel?

NM:Not in my career though, it’s something that I only come across in the rumour mill

QN:Do you think the Zifa Referees Committee is not biased in their appointments as we have heard other sections complaining?

NM:My understanding in my time as a referee is that you can only guarantee your next appointment by your performance in an assigned match, so there are times one referee gets more appointments than others, something that doesn’t go well with other referees

QN:News had it that you had a misunderstanding with the Referees Association what’s your comment?

NM:You know what happens when one goes off the radar, people tend to speculate and a lot of theories went around, but the fact is I just had to leave and join my family abroad

QN:On a humourous note, did you ever consider taking up martial arts, in case of “occupational hazards”

NM:never considered that, maybe because I was born with a bit of sting in the bones, so self defence wasn’t an issue to worry about

QN:Super Leagues: African Super League, European Super League . What do you make of these developments?

NM:Well, I’m not well versed to the motives behind it but it’s a major shake up in football

QN:The infamous Luis Suarez moment that robbed Africa of an opportunity to progress at the World Cup. Justice or injustice?

NM: Game of football is crazy, but remember every player dies to win every game, it’s part of the game never to be taken beyond the pitch, from a professional perspective that is

QN:Once Masvingo United players attacked a referee, including WWF style two footed lunges . What can be done to curtail a recurrence of such incidents?

NM:Firstly it’s about educating everyone in sport so that we get to understand the ethics of sport, that’s the most important step I’m my view

QN:Are you going to be involved in Zimbabwe football again as Referees trainer or commissioner?

NM:Ooh yes, given the opportunity definitely I will, for I’m using my time away from the game to develop other aspects of it

QN:Do you see an African country lift the coveted World Cup anytime soon? If so why? If not, why not?

NM:Everything is possible in the game of football, at the moment there is only a thin veil of difference between African football and the rest of the world, so it’s up to us to address it and we are good to go

QN :Caps Vs Dynamos, Dynamos Vs Highlanders. Which match would you choose to be the referee?

NM :I have never had a game difficult or easy for me, the approach was ever the same

QN:Which match would you choose?

NM:Would choose dynamos Highlanders

QN: What are the difficult circumstances that make it difficult for referees to maintain the standard and be a good referee?

NM:I think the economic crunch is affecting referees as well

QN:Do you feel any difference when a Coach of Mapeza calibre screaming at you and an upcoming one???

NM:Personally I take the frustration as part of the game, there are acceptable levels of showing off their frustration, I treat all equally

QN:What would be your comment on inclusiveness and assignments /Opportunities between male and female referees?

NM:I think it’s a fair means, What matters is the physical requirements being met by whoever is being required to perform

QN:If possible, can you share the projects that you are currently carrying out, involving soccer/ football?

NM:It’s premature at the moment, will definitely share when things take shape

QN:Do u really think corruption among referees has done more harm than good in deciding some games n their final results?

NM: If it’s happening definitely it does harm the integrity of the sport

QN:How does the economic crunch make a referee make bad decisions on the field ?

NM:It affects in many ways, talking of the economy we are talking of all balances, an undiluted mind is required on the field of play

QN:Between us! Favourite team?

NM :Used to like Zimbabwe Saints growing up but unfortunately they are Nomore now

QN:Abroad which team do you support?

NM:The red devils of Manchester

QN:Muzambi Mukuna Tangawarima

NM: Muzambi Mukuna Tangawarima