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Activist Slapped With 2.5 Million Dollar Lawsuit

By Laiton Kandawire in Kariba

Kariba Mayor, George Masendu, looks forward with glee to pocketing an easy two and a half million dollars after flooring Samu Mawawo in the first round of a defamation lawsuit.

Mawawo has been summoned and responded to court papers facing defamation of character charges

According to state papers,  Phiri & Partners filed a $2.5 million dollars (Zimbabwean currency) defamation lawsuit against Mawawo on behalf of their client Masendu. The claim is founded on the basis that on November 27 2020, Mawawo published on social media using NetOne sim card number 07122291982 (sic), which publication tended to impair Masendu’s dignity or his reputation.

It is claimed Mawawo had written that Masendu was caught stealing a skirt which he inserted in his trousers, according to the lawyers. It is further claimed that Mawawo also wrote that Masendu had a penchant for such thefts, having stolen some “pushes” earlier.

Masendu was labelled “former Mayor” who had been recalled as Ward 4 Councillor in Kariba urban. This offended Masendu who then approached his lawyers.

A default judgment was granted in favor of Masendu  and the defendant, Mawawo has applied for a rescission of judgment which is set to be heard on the 12th of May 2021.

Mawawo is being represented by his  his lawyers in Harare, instructing Saizi Law Chambers in Kariba. however the law of defamation of character was abolished by the constitutional court as it violated section 20(1) of the constitution, while the two parties have cited unprocedural technicalities by the Magistrate presiding over the matter in Kariba