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60 Graduate With Skills Based Certificates At Chipinge College

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60 graduates, three refugees and 57 Zimbabweans, received their certificates in Cosmetology, Brick and Block laying, Welding, Garment Making, Motor Mechanics and Carpentry at Chipinge College of Horticulture.

THE College Administrator, Mr Victor Ngwenya, reiterated the need for students to leave behind any lingering thoughts of seeking employment but should rather be creators of employment as the global village needs young women and men of a practical mindset devoid of waiting for employment to come to them.

He remarked: “we need to remove this notion of focusing on theoretical learning and embrace practical learning.

The country is presently redoubling efforts to promote skills training in colleges as part of a deliberate attempt to engender innovation and practical skills needed for industrialization” he said.

This year’s theme, “Graduates equipped with the practical skills, values and competences for national and global needs,” sits in well with the surge in enrolment meaning that the community and the country at large have appreciated the college’s work in empowering youths to have a better future in Zimbabwe.

Established In 1994 by the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe, the college cater for those  in needs of development programs such as the Horticulture which is currently contributing immensely to the fiscas.

The college has however produced brilliant young men and women who are now working in the Ministry of Agriculture as Agriculture Extension Officers.

Guest of Honor at the ceremony, Mr Sabi Amadu, who is the United High Commissioner Of Refugees, Head of Office in Zimbabwe, said “we must leave a legacy which would immortalize one’s name. As students, the skills you acquired here must immortalize your name when you begin using them in the immediate future.”

Reverend Godfrey Dhundu, the UCCZ Superintendent, chronicled the history of the skills college and how many youths have gone on to make a reasonably good life thanks to the skills they were taught at the college.

“Under the Youth Education Pack spearheaded by Christian Youth Fellowship, the church began this initiative in 2012 and since then, we have never looked back. Many youths have found the courses offered here quite liberating economically”

At a time, the government is encouraging everyone to pull in the direction of growth with equity, the college is helping in moulding youths with a purpose to improve their economic situation without the oft-recounted blame game.
The certificate is done over a period of one year beginning in February each year and the following year, one is through with his or her course. Moreover, the student goes on attachment in April, August, December and January before graduating in May.