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By Shingirai Vambe

Rusape- Town Council received RTGS $16.095.424.41 from the Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (ZINARA) but nothing to show.

Contacted for comment both town Chairperson and acting Town Secretary Engineer Chindenga failed to respond to this publication what they have used the money they received from the road authority and the devolution fund.

Earlier during a consultative meeting with residents and stakeholders, Engineer Charles Chidenga said they received the funds from ZINARA and it was only able to rehabilitate existing roads in Rusape.

Residents who opened up to this publication said there is nothing to show for the amount of money received as the roads are still in their poor state.

This publication made a research of how much it would probably cost any council to engage with a private contractors, and some charge as follows: Ripping and mixing, compact 0.85 per sqr meter,
Additional gravel, compact 25.47 per cubic meter. Surfacing Prime 1.80 per sqr meter. Tack coat $2.00per sqr meter. Aggregate 1.25 per sqr meter. Seal coat 1.43 per sqr meter. Aggregate for seal 0.79 per sqr meter and Sweeping 0.28c per sqr meter, the total cost may be +- usd $33.00 per square meter.

In Manicaland, Rusape received the highest amount of money in the province, with Mutare City being applauded for the work they have done on Main Street, Aerodrome road from the police station in the city center passing through the round-about to Chikanga.

Mutare City received RTGS $10.536.086.40 (10.5 Million) from ZINARA and the schedule that this publication is in possession of show the money was disbursed to local authorities between January 2 2021 and June 11 2021.

Rusape Council workers have been seen fixing pot holes and parking bay in the small service town with some areas still unpatched. Notable roads that have been fixed are 2km pothole patch and screening along Nyanga drive in Silverbow and another 2km pothole patch down Chingaira Street from the country club gate and 500m of Lisapi Street.

“It is as good as nothing has happened, we are soon getting into a rainy season, and results will be seen. They continue grading roads in all the town’s locations which is affecting the roads and when the rain comes they become impassable they should rather add gravel than remove”, One resident said.

Today five Local Authorities have appeared before parliamentary Public Accounts sub-committee on local authorities, Chaired by Dexter Nduna, for failure to submit their accounts before the Auditor General and five more will appear tomorrow.

The committee immediately decided that auditors who have been given a mandate to audit councils and failed, giving covid induced lockdown as an excuse have their contracts be terminated effective immediately and those with capacity to audit be given contracts.

Chegutu Legislator, Dexter Nduna told Post On Sunday that in 7 days his committee will produce a report before parliament and it will not be good.
“We have wrong people in right places” Nduna said.

”We follow the money that’s who we are, devolution funds, land money from residential stands sale and waiting list money paid to local authorities should be accounted for and we have given the AG that mandate to make sure that devolution funds be audited” he added.

Efforts to get hold of the Auditor General were fruitless as her mobile phone is no longer in use to respond on issues raised and pending reports from local Authorities.