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Transport Sector, Key To Development Towards Going Green

By Shingirai Vambe

The Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry has once again engaged with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development in the drive to reduce emissions from fossil fuels.

In a week sensitization workshop in Nyanga last week, the two departments shared notes to how the industry should go towards vision 2030 and 2050 respectively.

Amongst the four sectors which produce dangerous gases in the atmosphere, the Transport sector is one on top of the list with air, sea and road network.

Director in the Climate Change department, Washington Zhakata said there transport sector was the only department which was left to this sensitization workshop after a hybrid engagemen樂威壯
t with the mining sector, industry, Agriculture, Forestry and other land use including the procurement Authority of Zimbabwe.

“The initiative is to conscientise these sectors on the Low Emission Development Strategy where we are urging member across the board to start preparing for the new normal of going green”

Various topics and issues were raised during the workshop and a wholesome approach was said to be the way forward to achieve this goal.

Zimbabwe’s new target is to reduce emissions by 40% in 2030.

Director in the Ministry of Transport and infrastructure Development, Engineer Amos Amos told Post On Sunday that his ministry has a lot of work to do and adjustments to make to pave way to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

“Our infrastructure need a lot of attention and this program came at the right time when we are currently seized with national road maintenance, rehabilitation and construction in the country.

The new required type of cars which has less or no emissions at all are mostly affected by our road network. Our roads are in bad shape being abandoned for close to a decade in both rural and urban cities” said Eng Amos.

Amos also told this publication that as a ministry, they have taken over from all local authorities after failure by many of them to make acquittals while doing sub-standard roads in their respective authorities.

Not only the roads department was at the workshop but all responsible authorities including Central Mechanical Equipment Department of Zimbabwe (CMED), Airports Company Of Zimbabwe (ACZ), Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (ZINARA) Vehicles Inspection Department (VID) to mention just a few.

Engineer Tendai Marowa took the Ministry on a week program on areas to be addressed to reduce greenhouse gases and meet the world standards requirements of net 0 by 2050.

“Your planning, procurement and upgrading method should move along with the Paris agreement. We have quite a number of areas we have ignorantly accepted as a normal way of living yet not sustainable” Marowa said.

To this effect the department was taught of how to calculate the emissions, energy and efficiency of their equipment using a software named the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) inventory software.

Amongst the discussion and topics was the management of traffic, controlled intersections and impassable road network which reduces the efficiency of vehicles, high consumption and concentration of the commuting public in one area which is not sustainable.

Currently the nation is moving towards the E-mobility, buying and looking forward to manufacturing of electric cars which doesn’t have exhausts, uses batteries which are charged withing a very short period of time with less electricity.

Upon the launch of the Low Emission Development Strategy and revised Nationally Determined Contribution at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) C.E.O Eddington Mazambani told this publication that their new electric vehicle call which they were showcasing was the way to go for the country to achieve vision 2050.

In picture: from left, Munesushe Munodawafa, Perm Sec in the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Minister Mangaliso Ndlovu and Director, Climate Change Department-Washington Zhakata

“As ZERA we are urging all stakeholders, the government which already has a large fleet to appreciate the new sustainable technology and go green.

This vehicle travels between 350-400 km depending on the temperatures and road terrain when fully charged and that alone cost  KW 62 units of electricity consumption against  USD $60 of between 30-40L of petrol or diesel for the same distance.

During the just ended ZITF, 2 companies Mureza Auto Co, BYD Zimbabwe a Chinese Owned Co. including ZERA showcased their vehicle brands which are moving along with the Low emissions development strategy.

Eng Amos told this publication that the transport sector has a lot of work to do including the air and sea which is not very much popular in Zimbabwe but having Kaiba and Zambezi dam, boats use fuel and battery engines are necessary.

Currently they are resort facilities which are already moving with the trajectory having cruise boats installed with solar panels to charge batteries for other uses that need power and looking forward to have electric engines as well.

The Department of Climate Change since 2018 has made some tremendous achievements in mainstreaming climate change across sectors and the implementation part, resources and political or organizational will is left for the nation to adapt to the new normal.