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Warrent Of Arrest For Momberume

By Martin Muleya

Mutare Regional Court has granted a warrant of arrest on Hatirarami Momberume.

Momberume successfully applied for his liberty last week at the Mutare High Court and was granted by Justice Isaac Muzenda

Justice Isaac Muzenda let Momberume taste freedom after he had been languishing in prison on allegations of murdering his 14-year-old bride, who passed on while giving birth.

Appearing before Provincial Magistrate Richard Ramaboure, his lawyer Brian Majamanda of Khupe and Chijara Law Chambers, told the Court that he was not aware of the whereabouts of his client and had last communicated with him the day he was given bail.

Momberume was supposed to stand trial on Contravening Section 70 (Having sexual intercourse with a minor) today at the Regional Court.

The alternative charge came about after Justice Muzenda in granting bail to the Momberume had querried why the State had preferred murder charges against the accused and reiterated that the State should prove the essential elements of murder.

It was the State’s case that, Momberume unlawfully caused the death of Machaya by failing to take her to a medical facility to receive healthcare services during labour.

“The accused instead, took Machaya to Johanne Marange traditional midwives, where she delivered and died after some labour complications.

He hid the news of her death and proceeded to bury her without notifying authorities.

In order to cover up the offence, the accused and his relatives claimed that the person who had died was Memory Machaya born on January 2, 1999,” the Court heard.

Investigations later revealed that the person who was married to the accused was, Anna and not Memory, leading to his arrest.

On the alternative charge, if convicted carries a maximum sentence of 10 years behind bars.