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Mliswa Honored in Kenya For Fighting Against Corruption

By Shingirai Vambe

NORTON Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa received an award for fighting against corruption in Zimbabwe at an African Parliamentarian’s Network Against Corruption ceremony in Kenya yesterday.

The outspoken legislator told Post On Sunday that he was happy to receive the award at an event where they have gone together with other Zimbabwean MPs, Hon Mutambisi, Trevor Saruwaka, Willas Madzimure among others.

According to Transparency International, Zimbabwe is currently ranked number 157 out of 180 least corrupt nation. Mliswa has for days now been speaking against the widely condemned Pomona Dumpsite Waste Management deal.

Legislators went into a heated debate following the report by local Government minister, July Moyo on the US $344 million Pomona contract with Geogenix BV company that saw the cancelling of the agreement by Harare City Council weeks ago after a public outcry of an outrageous US $22 000 daily waste disposal fee.

The Pomonagate scandal is one of the corrupt deals which the Government of Zimbabwe and its ministers are defending day and night. The minister July Moyo has been at the forefront of other corrupt deals which Mliswa has spoken against.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Vice Constantino G. Chiwenga

Earlier Mliswa was on the minister’s throat over the devolution funds which have been disbursed to local authorities without following due process. Mliswa accused Moyo and the government of failing to respect the constitution in its execution of duties.

A recent report from Parliament of Zimbabwe revealed that US $89 million dollars covid-19 funds varnished at the ministry of Public Service Labour and Social Welfare and another US$60 million from the ministry of health which saw the arrest of former minister, Obadiah Moyo.

Zimbabwe’s minister of finance, Professor Mthuli Ncube authorized over US $100 million (ZWL $100.7 billion for 2020 and ZWL $6.8 billion for 2019) without following laid down procedures.

For years the Auditor General, Mildred Chiri has been giving reports showing negative results of the way government conduct its day to day business, failing to account for millions of dollars and or bypass procurement procedures.

Mliswa earlier told this publication that disbursement of devolution funds without provincial council was recipe for disaster.
“The government is dysfunctional, the minister of Local Government has dismally failed; interfering in a number of issues in the country including the appointment of chiefs ignoring traditional tree as it ought to be.

“Provincial council’s work which include the sitting MP, is very critical in playing oversight on devolution projects, funds and development and the ignorance by Local Government ministry speaks against the President’s call on fighting against corruption” Mliswa said.