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Chimanimani Communities Benefit From Agroecology, Seed Fairs


SEED fairs which are taking place in Chimanimani West courtesy of a self-help organisation, Participatory Organic Research and Training Trust (PORET) are helping Chimanimani communities to develop in various ways.

PORET promotes that concept of agroecology whereby communities are trained in protecting the environment through smart agriculture projects and organic farming.

Seed fairs help to exhibit how agroecology is improving communities.

On June 15, 2022 farmers in Chimanimani West held seed fairs where communities exhibited traditional seeds which are grown organically (without the use of chemicals).

Farmers who spoke to Post On Sunday at Bumba and Chayamiti seed fairs indicated that communities are reaping benefits from the agroecology program.

Mrs Eniya Madziya Manzote of Nemapandonga village highlighted that agroecology is helping the communities to interact.

“Since we embarked on agroecology, there has been a high interaction between farmers and communities. Farmers are exchanging ideas especially on the multiplication of organic traditional seeds.

People now understand that crops and animals depend on each other. Crops need manure from livestock as the animals need feed that is free from chemical. This keeps our soil rich,” said Mr Manzote.

“Growing organic traditional seed help our young generation trace their past and take pride in our culture. With that cultural pride, they can easily protect our environment. Cultivating traditional seed saves cost, said saving and budget,” said Mrs Judith Chinawa of Mandima village.

Farmers from Chayamiti indicated that the cultivation of organic traditional seeds is bringing benefits to their area which receives little rain since manure plays a double role of giving nutrients to the soil as well as reducing moisture loss.