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PRAZ Begins Year 2023 In Style

By Shingirai Vambe

Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) engaged with key stakeholders in the public sector, training and educating officers on the lawful procurement and disposal of public assets in Zimbabwe.

PRAZ Chief Executive Officer, Clever Ruswa and Board Chair, Vimbai Nyemba earlier told the Post On Sunday newspaper that their target is to work toward amendments which are in line with Zimbabwe policies.

The regulatory authority has since moved with speed to align laws to do with tender processes, procurement and disposal of assets, be it in government or private sector as most corrupt cases have been reported in that area of trade.

PRAZ held a one-day workshop at a local hotel in Harare on Friday which was attended by over 120 officers.

Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, Chief Executive Officer, Clever Ruswa

Capacity Building Director with the organisation, Cliff Gondo took the delegates through the training and disposal of public assets proved to be a peculiar space where stakeholders raised a number of questions pertaining handlers and interested parties of goods which are regarded as of high value.

Gondo indicated that white collar crimes are committed mostly in the procurement and disposal of public assets as people are involved in splitting of tenders and request for quotations becoming the order of the day. 

He told delegates that most of the challenges that usually arise are as a result of poor planning.

“The only way to get an expected result is only when we provide the required input. Government looks for the desired outcome of a strategic objective which emanates from planning.

“There isn’t nothing much, we all know what is expected of us, let us maintain that and do our work in proper manner. Lack of planning is planning to fail,” added Gondo.

PRAZ Operations Director, Benson Share told stakeholders that they all know their areas of work and political leaders in their spheres. That alone makes it easier for officers to plan and prepare for goods to be procured and or disposed when and how, cognizant of the political requirements.

“We have had challenges with parastatals procuring goods they do have knowledge of or more in numbers when they needed only one item to do the job.

“I urge members do some research, educate yourselves in those areas where you also need to apply knowledge before procuring, pricing, quality and specifications of products,” said Share.

Gondo further highlighted that PRAZ has since digitalized its systems and everything is now available online, including registration, payments and all tender information of registered suppliers.

Participants at the workshop held in Harare last week on Friday- pic by Shingirai Vambe

Zimbabwe laws are being amended and aligned to match the requirements of people in the country, and the training is not only limited to public officers, the regulatory authority has taken up the task to go around the country training various groups both in public and private sector so that the comply with the requirements of the law. 

PRAZ will this week meet with official from various institutions including local authorities, in Masvingo and Bulawayo after conducting a similar workshop in Mutare yesterday.

CEO Clever Ruswa yesterday told the Post On Sunday Newspaper that 50 percent of procurement is planning and urging stakeholders to plan ahead of time.

“We decided to start, as the Regulatory Authority, it is the beginning of the year, no one must be left behind, including bidders, we are going to share our annual calendar so that all those interested may get the opportunity to attend and learn possibly getting the opportunity to interface with our officers on areas that need clarification,” said Ruswa.

He also said there was a funded program for accounting officers early February as they immensely contribute to the procurement and disposal of public assets.

Most officers have since been suspended in public offices for flouting tender regulations, majority of them unknowingly hence the capacity building workshops by the regulatory authority, to equip officers with knowledge of how to procure and dispose public assets.