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Hon David tekeshe and Hon Chihururu, talking to Mbuya Tsvangirai seated on her new wheelchair, bought by MDC-T party legislators

MDC-T Pays Tribute To Mbuya Tsvangirai

By Shingirai Vambe

IN 2018, exactly 10 days before the death of former Prime Minister and founder of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, the world witnessed her mother, Mbuya Tsvangirai, receive a wheel chair and groceries from members of the MDC-T party in Parliament. It is only 7 months to her 93rd birthday.

Two years down the line, the place that was once thronged by over 10 thousand people; local and international, the young and the old, as they paid their last respect to Morgan, is so quite without activists, family and friends.

A visit by this publication in Humanikwa village in Makanda, Buhera, was an experience on its own, seeing abandoned houses, the impassable road to Tsvangirai’s homestead from the highway that connects Chivhu, Murambinda and Nyazura.

MDC-T Members at Mbuya Tsvangirai’s homestead in Buhera. Pic By Shingirai Vambe

In February 2018, citizens from all walks of life braved the weather, it was raining, and some walked 5km from the highway where they had left their cars, only to witness the burial of the a renowned politician in Zimbabwe, a man who was described even by the ruling ZANU PF leadership as a brave man who wanted the good for this country.

MDC-T Manicaland Province today (06 February), paid a special visit to Mbuya Tsvangirai. Some came from Mashonaland West, Mashonaland Central and others from Harare. With the unfavourable weather condition, some were inside open trucks.

She was handed over the wheel chair and groceries by the Provincial Chairman and Makoni Central Legislator, David Tekeshe.

Tekeshe addressed the gathering and said it’s for Morgan Tsvangirai who made them to become members of Parliament.

“We made the announcement, it’s unfortunate that the Tsvangirai family made this a family event, we wanted all the villagers around to come, this is the spirit of Morgan, he was not selfish, he used to help and assist the old around the country.

 Mbuya Tsvangirai’s homestead, humanikwa village, Buhera. pic by Shingirai Vambe

“It is you the Tsvangirais who are supposed to take care of Gogo, we are just playing our part as her sons and daughters, appreciating her womb, otherwise, it is not a right or a must, hence we asked for all the people around the village to come, this is how we also get supporters for the party, remember it’s not about Douglas Mwonzora, but the party, Movement for Democratic Change,” added Tekeshe.

Collins Tsvangirai, young brother to Morgan, told the Post On Sunday Newspaper that what is currently happening in the party is not the vision of Morgan Tsvangirai when he formed the it. He commented on the move taken by Morgan’s son, Vincent and said, it was his constitutional right to choose a party of his choice.

“Now they all want to be leaders, the splits are unprecedented,” said Collins, distancing himself from the MDC-T party.

Just like some MDC-T members, Collins had no kind word for Nelson Chamisa and his well-established party, Citizens Coalition for Change.

Mbuya Tsvangirai thanked the team that came, and complained about the power utility company, Zesa, whose team she says requests for money each time there is a fault in their area and they take a week to come and fix.

on this particular day, a lightning struck one of the cables on the pillion went loose, and it was the end of her happiness.

“My name is Lydia, Ndiri Munjanja chaiye (a true Njanja tribe offspring).” She made a prayer and sang a song before departure of the MDC-T team.