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Manicaland Embraces E-Creator

By Branton Matondo

The fastest and largest E-Commerce platform in Zimbabwe has been received well in Manicaland a feat that will see a branch being opened in the CBD of Mutare, Post On Sunday reports

E-Creator, an E-Commerce platform that took shape on the 7th of February 2023 has over 30000 participants in Zimbabwe.

Manicaland, one of the province with full and part time E-Creator workers has not been left out by E-Creator which is currently local and exclusively Zimbabwean.

Post on Sunday talked to Whesley Handiseni, one of the workers at E-Creator. He said there is a phobia when it comes to online markets and opportunities because people always relate them to scams however E-Creator is a legit opportunity.

“When l started it was a tryout phase. There are lots of stereotypes when it comes to online or E Commerce gigs. People always relate them with scamming. As for me starting with 15 USD patience and persistence was my formula. Now my total is accumulating,” said Handiseni.

E-Creator is aligned with online shops that include Shopee, Zalando, Lazada, Tokopedia as they seek to gain market milage.

This publication also got in touch with Kudzai Nehanda, who resides in Mutare. She said that E Creator is the fastest growing E-Commerce platform and with the world changing from physical shopping to online shopping the company fits well.

“You see with E Creator its a matter of putting capital and earning money on a daily basis. Those that are willing have already started because they believed in the process. The world is changing, in developed or World Class countries many people have embraced online shopping. Zimbabwe with such platform is heading towards digital marketing of products.”

E-Creator held an offline meeting in Mutare on the 22nd of April at Utopia Lodge. The attended participants close to a hundred marked the start of a journey for Manicaland E-Creator family.

E-Creator Office Manager Abraham Mutambu told delegates that since February the response from Zimbabwe has been audible.