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Zindove School Destroyed By Heavy Rains

By Martha Leboho

Zindove primary school in Bikita South constituency has been destroyed by heavy rains that hit the district recently.

The ancient school has lost thousands of dollars worth of properties said the school head Paul Mumera.

“Our two classroom blocks have been destroyed, three teacher’s houses and eight squit hole blair toilet”

“All the damaged properties cost approximately up to US$3500” said Mumera.

He added few teachers also lost their properties from the heavy rains, while majority have lost the crops which is most likely to result to hunger.

Mumera appealed for assistance to the public to help the school in building better structures before schools open thanks to the postponement he said.

“We haven’t received any assistance so far, and any assistance is welcome because we are concerned about the safety of our pupils” Mumera said.