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Meet Minister Of The Gospel

By Steve Ephraem

The word minister commonly refers to someone who is a member of the government.

Many people are accustomed with central government ministers who serve their respective countries and have busy schedules that without prior arrangement, it might be not easily for one to access their offices.

There is the other kind of ministers who cut across country borders and serve multitudes worldwide. These are the gospel ministers.

One such minister is Mitchel Theressa Kanyemba, popularily known as Minister Terry, born 26 years ago at Horton Park in Harare and is a recording music artiste.

In an interview with Post On Sunday from her Chitugwiza base, Minister Terry revealed that she is a multi-talented artist.

“I am a teacher by profession, but also talented in musical and makeup arts. I most utilise my natural talents during bridal events where I do makeup, manicure, pedicure and singing. I sing well in Shona and English languages.

“Being a member of a group called Uplifting Grace Worshippers, I am happy to have recorded my own album and tracks.

“I released a four track album titled Ndizodzeiwo, which has the title track, I drown in your love, Totai kubwinya and Tonamata. The album was produced by Jonatham Mgazi, and currently working on new tracks namely Aripiko, Nguva yekunamata and Ndouya kwamuri” said Kanyemba.

“I intend to become a minister who sings music that will have an impact on people’s lives and the society at large. I love my fans and thank them for their great support. I appreciate my family for their unwavering support and encouragement,” she added.