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Drug Dealers Nabbed in Gweru

By Tinaan Nyabereka

Gweru- Police has arrested seven suspected drug dealers in the midlands town, central business district at an abandoned building after a tip-off.

The alarm was raised by concerned parents who on daily basis see students getting in and out of the building both girls and boys and suspected them of having the place as a brothel, later to find out it was a drug vehicle.

Apart from students, known dealers with big cars have been seen around the building everyday collecting cash without and notable business going on, leading to the an undercover operation that has led to the arrest of seven.

Midlands acting police spokesperson, Ethel Mukwende confirmed the arrest and said they recovered processed dagga, mutoriro and bottles of Broncleer and investigations are still underway.

“I can confirm, we have arrested seven suspects in connection with drug trafficking activities in Gweru central business district. We recovered 51 bottles of broncleer, marijuana and mutoririo”

All these substances are illegal and they have been banned, anyone found in possession of such drugs will be arrested, she said.

The police identified a makeshift storeroom in one of the rooms, where the suspects used to stash their merchandise, they dug the room underground and a metal box was found with the illicit drugs.