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Xoey ,Tamar Celebrates Birthdays With The Homeless

By Desire Tshuma

Blessed is the hand that gives as it is written in bible , yesterday March 3 , United States based social worker Xoey and her niece Tamar celebrated their birthdays with Mukuvisi homeless people in Harare.

Mukuvisi homeless area in Zimbabwe has nearly eighty families who are living in abject poverty.

This publication attended the birthday party and managed to talk to one of the homeless Mrs Magogo who expressed her joy andthanked the Organiser of the event.

“I am very happy of what Xoey and Tamar have done to us as homeless people, we hardly get food, clean water, clothing just to list a few but today God has sent to us his messiah to rescue us from some of our needs ” said Mrs Magogo .

The birthday celebrations were attended by VaChirenda Centre of Hope foundation team ,Capitalk FM radio team and some Mukuvisi homeless residents .

VaChirenda Centre of Hope Foundation,whose Founder and Director is Mrs Xoey Chimombe donated several assortments of goodies including clothing and food to the Mukuvisi people.

People in Mukuvisi have been squatting for more than eleven years and have been subjected to health hazards, as they don’t have safe drinking water, no toilets and no decent houses.

Via an e-platform, Xoey said children have a right to education health and food but due to circumstances they can’t afford, due to poverty and they can’t access health care, she said.

Three quarters of both children and adults don’t have identity documents and it is a dire situation which need urgent attention.

VaChirenda Centre of Hope Foundation has been doing humanitarian activities in Seke, uplifting single women by creating income generating projects and donating sanitary wear to school children.

Xoey did not manage to be part of the celebrations as she failed to fly from United States of America but she followed the proceedings virtually, on live stream