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ZIM ITU Candidate Intensify Campaign

By Shingirai Vambe

Zimbabwe’s own candidate for the International Telecommunications Union, Dr Cosmas Zavazava has taken another step further in pushing for the position of the Telecommunications bureau at the ITU. Post On Sunday reports

In an election to held in few months from now, Zavazava has proved beyond reasonable doubt that come election time he is going to represent and change the face of the telecoms sector in Africa and the world at large.

Dr Zavazva is currently the Chief partnerships for Digital Development Department at the ITU and he is based at the ITU Headquarters in Geneva and the aspired post is currently being held by America, the incumbent, Doreen Bogdan-Martin who will not run for re-election but eyeing for a higher post of the ITU Secretary General.

Zavazava told delegates at World Telecommunications Development Conference (WTDC)-22 in Kigali, Rwanda that his vision is around three key elements that serve as drivers to sustainable development which are investment in infrastructure, innovation and inclusiveness.

“Infrastructure is essential for global connectivity and post pandemic recovery. The role of ITU is to put in place platforms and tools for effective policy, legal and regulatory frameworks to support regulators and policymakers.

Innovation and inclusiveness is key to digital development and transformation. Innovations break the barriers of connectivity and when we include working together with governments, Industry, academia and development partners, we can connect the remaining 2.9 billion people that are still off-line,” Said Zavazava.

He added that the three will bridge the gaps that are vivid in the rural-urban setups and support youths to prepare them as future digital leaders.

Zimbabwean ambassador to Kigali, Her Excellence Ambassador Manyeruke said the opportunity given to Dr Zavazava is an honor, as highly experienced as he is, visionary and people centered for the development bureau who provides strategic leadership and gets the job done.

Deputy Minister of Information, Communication Technology, Dingimuzi Phuti said zavazava’s candidature was not yet available on the ITU website and they will soon submit his name and it will be up on the ITU website.

“Dr Zavazava is an expert and practitioner and we believe he is best fit for this position,” Phuti said.

The campaign was launched on March 25 2022 at the ITU Council Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland and it has now been taken to the ITU WTDC which is currently underway in Rwanda from June 6 to the 16th 2022.

The elections for ITU elective positions will be held at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference, which will be held in Romania from September 26 to October 14 2022.