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Short Stories By Zimbabwean Women

By Lorraine Muwuya

Women Writers Support Network in partnership with Blue Scroll Consultancy will in few days launch an Anthology initiative.

This is the first of a kind were emerging female voices will be heard through the pen.

This initiative features short stories written by Zimbabwean women telling their struggles, challenges so as happiness and joy.

Women Writers Support Network made a call to women in and around Zimbabwe and fifteen responded to the call. They wrote short stories and were published as a book by Blue Scroll Consultancy.

Sympathy Mangwenya-Sibanda the founder of the initiative believes writing is a therapy. This is what she shared with this publication “writing is a therapy: a way of getting emotional healing and it’s something that l advise women to do”.

A note from some of the women who are part of the initiative. “I am excited to be part of this group. My name is Memory Macheza. I am an avid reader and I write too. So when an opportunity presented itself for me to write and get my work published I avail myself.

I reckon quite a number of people encouraging me to get my work published and yes the universe aligned and my path crossed with Sympathy and the team. Thank you for encouraging me to write,” Macheza said.

My name is Jeahan Zvavanjanja. Allow me to take this opportunity to thank God for people like Sympathy Mangwenya and her team for putting a fire in them to drive the likes of to in the words of Winky D “Just do it, pfeka Nike”.

I have been a waiter who called herself a writer, but since the creation of this platform I have managed to work on the finishing of this short story for the Seasons anthology.

8 have managed to work on the on other scripts of mines that are yet to be finished.

Zvavanjanja said she rediscovered herself as a writer and also ventured into writing other things besides just scripts for films.

“I can proudly say my writing rate is almost about to match my talking rate. It is always good to be surrounded by people who are talented, it nudges you in a great direction,” she said.

The dream factory is becoming a reality.

The Women Writers Support Network will keep inviting and support more women in writing other initiatives.