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Makoni Rural District Council D4D Tender deal Goes Soar

By Staff Reporter

Two Harare based women have disappeared with a loot of over US $40 000 after being awarded a D4D Toyota Hilux vehicle tender by Makoni Rural District Council.

The alleged female suppliers one being a trained lawyer but not practicing and the other also not employed came up with a strategy to get access to the devolution fund which the local authority thought was necessary to acquire a vehicle.

Chafmark Investiments, registered under the name of Joana Tafirenyika and Nyasha Brenda Ngungu, who during investigation said they were from the Army and it was later discovered that they were masquerading got their hands into the cookie jar after the council made a public notice for a vehicle supplier.

Makoni RDC through their legal representatives has been stuck with summons as they could not start the legal process against the two, who vanished into thin air, without given addresses.

According to source, the mother of one of the accused person approached the council and legal team and made a written agreement to settle the score on behalf of the two, but to date she hasn’t paid a cent, a situation likely to force the matter to proceed only by way of summon.

It is still unclear on how the mother got to know about this situation and how council wishes to recover the money considering the disappearance of the latter.

Circumstances that led to the loss are still unclear.

Zimbabweans across the business divide, public officers included, have abused the fund and the deputy minister of Local Government Public Works and National Housing Marian Chombo , while in Parliament, was told, through the unconstitutional arrangements of devolution, the funds were being looted and misappropriated.

According to the procurement rules and procedures, the Local Authority was supposed to pay for the vehicle only after delivery, instead, the vehicle was paid in full and it was never delivered.

The Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) is currently conducting training workshops with different stakeholders, Local Authorities included on the planning of procurement and disposal of public assets in Zimbabwe