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8 People Injured In An Explosion At Chegutu GMB

Senior Reporter

Chegutu- 8 people have been taken to the hospital and said to be in critical condition following an explosion at the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) in Chegutu.

Chegutu West Legislator, Dexter Nduna left the Parliament Building this afternoon rushing to attend to the call he received when the accident happened.

Nduna told the Post On Sunday newspaper that there are 3 things that may cause the silos to explode are, smoking, electrical faults and or welding near or under the silos.

He said the tablets used to treat grains produce gases that can cause the silos to explode.

Once either of the 3 things happen near the silos, it is highly possible that they explode.

“Talking from the previous report produced when silos at lions den exploded, we await investigations of what could have caused the explosion.

“Municipality staff and fire brigade swiftly responded and the smoke from the explosion has covered the atmosphere in Chegutu, added Nduna.

More details to follow……