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Churches Taking A Centre Stage In Building Lives

By Shingirai Vambe.

Harare- First of its kind in Africa, attended by more than seven thousand delegates and members from different churches, was a conference hosted by the Church of Jesus Christ OF the Latter Day Saints, in South Africa last week on Sunday.

Elder Jeffery R. Holland addressed journalist soon after the conference in SA, briefing them on the development the ministry has done in growth, while looking forward to officially open a church in Durban, next year in February.

“This ministry has grown both in number of years and spiritually, our predecessors taught us on how to build the church and here we are today, through the work of missionaries”

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints is said to be over 160 years old since formation, and across the globe it has managed to establish a church in each and every country particularly in Africa.

Holland told journalist that apart for the ministry work that they are prescribed to do, the church is one of the organisation that has rapidly responded to humanitarian situations, which include cyclone, veld fires, drought to mention just a few.

“We are helping communities, through other organisations that are well known on education, health and humanitarian aid and we have been doing this time eternal”

“There are a number of things that are affecting people under the sun, our intention is not that we make people to rely on aid, but as a church we have established a number of projects that can make people self-reliant this includes the perpetual educational Fund” Holland said.

While it is not the wish of the church to be publicised, on its projects and assistance it gives across the globe, the fear is that most people will resort to go and look for material things other than to seeking the face of God.

Following the teachings of Jesus Christ as stated in the bible, Holland said for one and or a community to leave in harmony, health and educated, it is the spirit that should be dealt with so that he/s can live a sustainable life, and this include life management.Various programmes and activities have been lined up across Africa, having one of the headquarters to be established in Kenya, next year.

Contrary to other churches that are known for fighting for higher positions in Church for financial gains, the Church OF Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints has taken a centre stage in building lives, to the wholesome men, who I the body, soul, and spirit.

Friday the 15th, the Church convened at a local hotel in Harare, Zimbabwe, where members of parliament, business community and stakeholders who also took part and had an opportunity to hear what the church is doing in helping communities around the world.

The church has taken part and partnered with governments around the world and currently working with 195 countries, with over 2 billion dollars in support of humanitarian aid, vocational training and educational programs.

There present was Hon Tongai Mnangagwa (Zanu Pf) and Hon Susan Matsungo (MDC) who had the chance to thank the leaders of the church with the marvelous work they are doing in helping and building lives.