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Police Road-Block Open for Bribe and Extortion

By Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, police officers in Rusape groaned bitterly after they were given two packets of biscuits, two satchets of jolly juice and small packets of roasted peanuts.

An officer told this publication of the ordeals they are subjected to. They go to a road between five and seven and they have to make do with those petty food items.

”It was during parade when we were given jolly juice and mutetenerwa (roasted peanuts) for the seven of us. From day one of the lockdown, it’s all hunger,” he added.

This is one amongst many cases where police officers are turned to be beggars at roadblocks.

Only 48 hours ago, a post went viral on social media where a police officer stopped a woman at a roadblock and asked for food before asking for proof that she was one of the essential workers.

”My daughter was stopped by police at a roadblock this morning on her way to work (essential service). They were not interested in her letter of permission; they begged her to give them food. She had to give them her samoosas and orange juice,” the father of the woman said.

Early this week, Zengeza West legislator, Job Sikhala, told Post on Sunday that he witnessed another police officer receiving a bribe at a roadblock.

Sikhala said: ”our officers are exposed to bribery and extortion.”

Officers who received to be named for the sake of victimization said all of them who were at the parade being led by Inspector Mwaonga, refused the food offer.

Police officers are part of the Frontline workers who are mostly affected because of the nature of their job and they are at high risk of contracting the Coronavirus.