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Compatible with the President’s expectations on ” looting”

By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo In his Personal Capacity

In 2016, APR, a US company won the Dema project through a proper tender system, and on the last minute the tender was reversed and awarded to Sakunda Holdings which is owned by Kudakwashe Tagwirei.

The deal was worthy 1.2 Billion United States Dollars. The whole nation failed to come to terms with what led to the cancellation of the APR tender which was properly constituted by the tender board. In other words, the Dema project was controversially awarded to Tagwirei through his Sakunda Holdings subsidiary.

Today, as we speak there is nothing at Dema project to show that 1.2 Billion was used including all the purchased generators and contractors, all the money went into the drainage, and they pocketed the 1.2 Billion. This money could have built a proper energy plant, and today we may not be talking of load shedding. The 1.2 Billion according to them, it’s now water under the bridge.

Remember these are the same figures which are used for looting the country. Deals are pegged at 1.2 Billion to accommodate others in the line of pocketing state funds. Dema project collapsed, if you go to Dema now, it’s history, there is nothing to show on the 1.2 Billion. On the same note, Sakunda Holdings never submitted a tender bid, and they controversially won the tender under unclear incompatible circumstances.

In 2017, Sakunda Holdings was awarded Command Agriculture project which did not go to the tender system. The project was pegged at 3 billion, after we compile the first and second project.

The funds were meant for farmers, inputs, schemes as an advance to farmers countrywide in Zimbabwe. The funds were looted, and they were excuses in front of the Public Accounts Parliamentary Committee chaired by Harare legislator and Former Finance Minister, Tendai Biti. Today, there is nothing to show that there was Command Agriculture.

3 Billion could have purchased grain which could have lasted the nation for the next 20 years without doing any farming activities. The money went into the drainage, and it was pocketed by few individuals, and the debt has been attached to the tax payer’s money.

Zupco scandal : The same company Sakunda Holdings, purchased buses from China at 50 000 per bus , and supplied the bid to Zimbabwe Government at rate of 250 000 each. Don’t forget that there was no tender system on this deal. It was simply awarded. This deal was compatible with the President’s expectations, and this is why the case has died a natural death, and never surfaced in the courts of law. In other words, Zimbabwe Government was shortchanged a scandal involving over 80 Million.

Today, people are stranded at Copa Cabana, fighting for transport, and the whole country is failing to come to terms with what happened at Zupco. Some have resorted to walking to high density surburbs because of transport problems. Compatible with the President’s expectations.

Drax International scandal : Drax a paper bag, brief case company was controversially awarded a tender amounting to 60 million United States Dollars in the midst of Covid – 19 , and further implicated the first family, Health Minister and other senior officials, and the case was set to roll in the courts of law, and nothing has materialized.

The Health Minister was relieved off his duties after an outcry of citizens, and further protest of July 31, 2020. Today, Hopewell Chin’ono is behind bars over releasing corruption threads on social media platforms. 60 million disappeared at the Government complex, and nothing has been said over the disappearance of the funds. Today, citizens are being asked to pay 65 USD for testing covid – 19 , amid relevations that the state does not have money to bankroll the testing.

Controversial Gata was appointed Executive Chairman of the largest parastatal, Zesa holdings, according to a thread released by Jonathan Moyo last night, he was appointed at the instigation of Emmerson Mnangagwa the State President. Gata was suspended by the then Minister of Energy, Fortune Chasi, and Gata fought back, insisting that he was still the Chairman of Zesa board.

To end the story, Chasi was relieved off his duties as Minister of Energy, after he tried to block another 1.2 Billion scandal which implicated Mnangagwa and S.B Moyo according to Moyo’ s thread and release.

My simple question is where Parliament? Parliament was supposed to play an oversight role of approval of such deals involving huge amounts of the state. We have Command Agriculture which never went to the tender system, we have Drax International which is plastic bag company, it never went to the tender system, we have Zupco scandal, we have Dema project, we have many other deals involving huge amounts, which never followed the procedure of Parliamentary approval and tender board system. My simple question, where is Parliamentary role in all this?

After writing all these dismissal letters to Government Ministers, still at large the whole nation is not yet convinced that ED is ready to fight the graft and rot of the system. There is something beyond these deals which is now beyond redemption.

If people can sign deals behind the back of Parliament, behind the back of ordinary Zimbabweans, then we have a huge crisis, and it’s now beyond redemption.

1.2 Billion fuel scandal which was never disclosed to the public.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking – ZIST, and he can be contacted at