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Rusape Town Council Secretary & Zanu Pf Councillor Arrested

Manicaland Correspondent

Rusape –  Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), yesterday arrested the suspended Rusape Town Council Secretary (RTC), Solomon Gabaza (50) together with Ward two Zanu PF Councillor, Clever Chimusen (37).

Gabaza and Chimuse were arrested yesterday by ZACC officials and were taken into custody at Rusape Police station for investigation and today appeared before Rusape Magistrate Ruth Moyo.

It is the state’s case that Gabaza criminally abused his office during his tenure as secretary of RTC with eight  counts which include allocation and selling of residential stands, employment of council staff, corruptly approved and caused the withdrawal of council fuel by none council employees as a result council was prejudiced 3260 liters of fuel among other allegations.

The complainant is the state being represented by Laiton Sithole, in the capacity of Rusape Town Chairperson.

It is alleged that the second accused person, Clever chimuse, sometime in August 2018, as a Councillor was asked to declare his interests and he failed to declare that he was in transport business.

“During the period extending from 2017 to January 2019 and on several occasions the accused person approached the town secretary, Solomon Gabaza and told him he was in transport business and he was awarded a tender to collect refuse from Rusape town and a payment of USD $1720 was made”

It is also in the state papers that Gabaza allocated and or facilitated for the non procedural allocation of unplanned stands to the accused person (Chimuse) and another on to Godfrey mufuranhewe (joytech)

Picture By Shingirai Vambe

Chimuse is being charged under the law of corruptly concealing from a principal interest in a transaction as defined in  section 173 of the (codification and reform) act chapter 9:23 while Gabaza is being charged under the law of criminal abuse of duty as a public officer as defined in section 174 (1) of the (codification and reform) act chapter 9:23.

Gabaza was granted ZWL $10 000 bail and Clever Chimuse  ZWL $ 6000 with conditions that they don’t interfere with state witnesses and continue to stay at their given addresses, Event Dhliwayo is representing the state.

Meanwhile a resolution has been passed and adopted, Gabaza was officially relived off his duties and seized to be the council’s Town Secretary with immediate effect.