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Mr P Scores First: Releases Zimbabwe’s First Animated Video

By Ronnie Chisamba

South Africa- based Zimbabwean Afro-jazz artiste, Precious Hanya (38) – aka Mr P – officially released the country’s first animated musical video for one of latest offerings: Cellphone.

The launch of the video was done on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Cellphone is one of the tracks on The Return, Mr P’s second 6-track album, which was released on the 8th of July this year.

The production and release of the video compliments the track and comes as a result of public demand.

Directed and produced by a young innovative female information technology expert, Nyasha Gurure, the animated video has enabled Mr P to record a first for his native land and to join the ranks of internationally acclaimed and award winning musicians who have employed high technology animation in music video production.

John Grant and Kanye West are among world celebrated musicians who are known to have used animation over the years.

Speaking from South Africa, Johannesburg, Mr P told Post on Sunday that “As an musician and artist l personally believe animation is like writing, you write what you want the reader to comprehend”

He further added in summary the use of animated videos in music removing ambiguity which might come through employing reliant.

The artiste is currently working on producing videos for the remaining 5 songs on The Return album. Songs on the album have seen Mr P getting media attention both in his country of residence and back home.