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Chimurenga Singer’s Message Of Hope

By Stephen Ephraem

SOUTH African based Chimurenga musician, Kendyman Kobiri (real name Mackenzie Chambati Mwase) is set to release a new single that encourages people to never lose hope but soldier on when they face challenges.

The single which is going to be released this December called Never Say Never is of Chimurenga sound but fused to mordenise the beat.

According to Kendyman, the project is set to revive the spirit of everyone.

“The year 2020 has been a tough one world over. I am encouraging everyone never to lose hope as we get into 2021 as the forthcoming year might give people a chance to stand up again.

“Never say never to the dream you are chasing, no matter how impossible it might a

ppear right now, keep pushing. Our example is Biblical Sarah the wife of Abraham who never said never until the couple was blessed with a child, Isaac.

“The track was produced by Alpha at Alpha Studios. I incorporated various instrumentalists in the project in order to give a refined sound. According to our plans, we shall release it during the festive season so that our fans enter the coming year in fresh spirit,” said Kobiri.

The Chimurenga singer urged people to interpret his message correctly.

“I have seen people politicising songs, my message here clearly points to hope regardless of one being a Zimbabwean or not, it suits Christians, Moslems and non-Christians. It’s a universal song,” he added.

Kendyman Kobiri plays  mbira instrument called Nyunga Nyunga. The dreadlocked artist was born in Chinhoyi and grew up in Chitungwiza in Zimbabwe. He started his music career in 2003 as a member of Dzimbahwe Mbira Crew in Mutare.

Kobiri later joined another outfit called Dziva Rembira as part of their management. The 42 year old musician who holds a Certificate in Music from Mutare Polytechnic College whose band is called Blacks Unstoppable has 13 songs in his name.

Six of his songs are contained in an album called Punha recorded at Bazuka Studios in Harare. The remaining 7 are singles and collaborations that he did with musicians like Carlos Green, Ronnie Mudhindo, Kevin Kay and Maz Flows.

Kobiri did a video for the song Mukoma Ronnie together with former Utakataka Express bassist, Ronnie Mudhindo of the “Zvambura” fame. Kobiri intends to work with young upcoming Chimurenga musicians in Mutare where his musical career was transformed